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Scent Descriptions

1. Apple Berry Spice- Apples, sweet berries, & warm cinnamon

2. Apple Butter- Spicy apple with a warm buttery accent.

3. Apple Cider Donut- Apple cider, fried donut, spicy cinnamon, sugary vanilla, & tonka bean.

4. Apple Cinnamon- Fresh, crisp apples blends perfectly with hearty cinnamon spice.

5. Apple Harvest Festival- Slow cooked spiced apples with mulled berries, citrus rind, star anise, cinnamon sticks, clove, & caramelized brown sugar.

6. Apple & Pumpkin Strudel- Baked apples, sweet pumpkin, butter, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, maple, caramelized sugar, & vanilla.

7. Apple Walnut Crisp- Fresh, crisp apple blended with warm & rich walnuts.

8. Auntie Em – Freshly baked pretzels sprinkled with cinnamon sugar

9. Autumn & Apple Orchard- Freshly picked apples straight out of the orchard with cinnamon powder, & vanilla. 

10. Autumn Flannel- Vanilla bean, almond, caramel, coriander, ginger, bay leaf, clove, cinnamon, leather, amber, tonka, smoky woods, & cashmere musks.

11. Autumn Harvest- Crisp orchard apples, sun kissed oranges, vanilla cream, woods, ground cloves, & cinnamon sticks.

12. Autumn Woods- Walk in the woods with the smell of crisp leaves and fresh pine with berries falling off of the tree.

13. Bananas Flambé- Sizzling bananas flambé, bananas, rum, & caramelized sugar with vanilla ice cream melting on top.

14. Banana Walnut Cake- Cake, brown sugar, fresh bananas, and crushed walnuts.

15. Blueberry cheesecake- bursting with rich, ripe blueberries mixed into a thick, rich and creamy New York style cheesecake that creates the ultimate in blueberry delight!

16. Blueberry Pancakes- fresh blueberries, buttermilk pancakes, topped with maple syrup & pecans.

17. Blueberry Pumpkin Patch- Farm picked blueberries & ripe pumpkins.

18. Blue Raspberry Slushie- ripened raspberries, sugar cotton candy, & the effervescence of crushed ice. 

19. Bye Bye Summer- Captures days of autumn air, warm sunlight, & burning leaves. Cardamom seed, citrus sunlight, bay oil, clove leaf, autumn smoky leaf, amber blooms, birch, & evergreen wood. 

20. Cabin in the Woods- Pine, sandalwood, and cedar with a hint of clove.

21. Captain Crunch Berries- A yummy smelling blend of strawberry, grape, buttercream, fresh bakery notes and wild berries. Background notes of powdery raspberry, vanilla sugar, plum, tonka bean and warm maple go into this complex scent.  Seriously just like the cereal!

22. Caramel Popcorn- Fresh from the fair! It has a warm blend of buttery and sweet caramel with middle notes of popcorn, coconut, and candied pecan.

23. Caramel Pumpkin Swirl- Fresh pumpkin, cake, butter cream frosting, & sweet caramel.

24. Cherry Blondie- Sweet cherries, sweet biscotti mix, cinnamon, mimosa, coconut, tonka bean, vanilla, & cherry almond.

25. Christmas Cabin- Blend of bayberries, cranberries, freshly crushed cinnamon bark, & orange zest.

26. Christmas Lane- Tart winter cranberries are accented by crisp bergamot, herbal eucalyptus, clove leaf, amber, & sheer woods.

27. Christmas Memories- Orange peel, cranberry sauce, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, evergreen, & pine cones.

28. Cinnamon Broom- Strong Cinnamon with a woodsy overtone. Like walking onto an old time general store.

29. Cinnamon Crunch Cake- Hot cinnamon, sweet cinnamon, cardamom, hints of clove, nuts, and brown sugar with rich buttery goodness.

30. Cinnamon Stick - Bold Cinnamon with a very light woodsy overtone

31. Cinnamon Toast Crunch- Smells just like a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch cereal

32. Clean Cotton- Smells like fresh laundry! Fresh green apple with hints of orange, pineapple, & musk. 

33. Clean & Comfy- just pulled from the dryer, freshly laundered linens. 34.   Coffee Addiction- A hot cup of freshly brewed coffee with the tiniest swirl of vanilla creamer and sugar

34.   Cozy Cabin- Bergamot, eucalyptus, fresh mint, balsam fir, pine needles, cedarwood, & musk.

35. Crunch Berry Crisp- Bakery buttercream, strawberry, grape, wildberries, heliotrope, plum, maple, sugary vanilla, powdery raspberry, & tonka bean.

36. Cupcakes at Tiffany’s- sweet buttery notes with hints of toffee, hints of chocolate with loads of sweet buttercream with a fluffy vanilla cake

37. Danish Butter Cookies- just like the Danish cookies in the holiday classic tins, buttermilk, burnt sugar, caramel, & sweet creamy vanilla.

38. Earl Grey & Apple- Blend of earl grey tea leaves, black teas, chamomile, shaved ginger root, dried pears, crisp apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, clove, anise, vanilla, cognac, & geranium.

39. Falling Leaves- Crisp leaves under your feet when you are walking through the park on a misty day, cool brisk air, & the smell of fall. 

40. Farm Fresh- Walking into a farmer’s fruit stand, lemon zest, fresh & crisp green apples, red berries, pear, white cyclamen, tiny hint of lily of the valley, barn wood, candied peaches, & vanilla bean.

41. Farmhouse Cider- Hot apple cider sprinkled with cinnamon, allspice, fresh clove bud, & drips of Vermont maple. 

42. Farmers Market- Cider pressed apples with a hint of clementine spiced with cinnamon, clove, & nutmeg

43. Fluffy Towels- Fresh scent of clean towels straight from the dryer!

44. French Baguette- Crisp, fresh baked baguette with melting butter over the crust.

45. Frosted Pumpkin- Pumpkin, spices, honey, maple, & sugary vanilla frosting.

46. Fruit Loops- just like your opening up a bag of fruit loop cereal!

47. Fruity Rubbles- Tart lemon, sweet orange, vanilla, & corn cereal, just like opening up a bag of fruity pepples cereal.

48. Funnel Cake- fried dough sprinkled with sugar & cinnamon

49. Harvest Gathering- Cinnamon, apple, peach, wild berries, & clove. 

50. Hayride- Freshly mowed hay, sweet balsam, smooth vetiver, & cedarwood.

51. I Smell Fall- Orange peel, juicy apples, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, & musk. 

52. Lavender Vanilla - A well-balanced blend of herbal lavender and calming vanilla. A great addition to any aromatherapy line. Infused with natural essential oils, including Lavender

53. Lollipops- Rich, ripe berries mixed with hints of sugary sweetness

54. Luna- White floral notes with jasmine, sweet pea, peppery freesia, golden amber, tart berries, & desert sandalwood.

55. Macintosh Apple- freshly cut Macintosh apples straight from the orchard

56. Maple Buttercream Frosted Buttery Gingerbread- Spicy gingerbread with rich & creamy butter notes with hints of maple, nut, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, & nutmeg topped with rich buttercream frosting swirled with maple sugar

57. Mexican Fried Ice Cream – rich buttery whipped cream with vanilla bean, hints of toasted nut and grated cinnamon with a base of melted marshmallow

58. Mulled Cider- Ripened apples, oakmoss, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, orange zests, lemon peel, tart lychee berries, & coumarin. 

59. Oak Barrel Cider- A unique blend of oak & classic cider. Apple, mulled fruits, spice cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, vanilla beans, & warm woods. 

60. Peppermint Swizzle Stick- Cool crisp peppermint notes swirled with sweet vanilla.

61. Pomegranate Cider- Hot cider spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pomegranate, & strawberry.

62. Pumpkin Cheesecake- Cardamom, ground cinnamon, Vermont maple, pumpkin puree, carrot, whipped cream, rum, cream cheese, caramelized sugar, and French vanilla blended to perfection.

63. Pumpkin Cookie Crunch- Pumpkin cookie, caramelized sugar, whipped crème, French vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, & Vermont maple sugar.

64. Pumpkin Cornbread- Sweet pumpkin blended with cornmeal, ground clove, & cinnamon.

65. Pumpkin Creamcheese Roll- Soft cake, pumpkin, all spice, cinnamon, cream cheese, pumpkin puree, vanilla extract, buttermilk, nutmeg, & caramelized glazed pecan.

66.   Pumpkin Crème Brulee Donut- Spiced pumpkin puree blended with crème brulee, maple sugar, butter, & vanilla extract baked into a donut.

67. Pumpkin Crunch Cake- Creamy pumpkin pie, milk, yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, & a hint of spice.

68. Pumpkin Gingerbread- Pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, & clove sweetened with brown sugar. 

69. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles- A very rich, warm, buttery vanilla fragrance with a hint of cream, pecan, and maple.

70. Pumpkin Pie- A perfect blend of pumpkin, spice, & golden baked crust. I love this pumpkin pie because it is not to spicy, the spice does not over power the other scent notes.

71. Pumpkin Spice- Spicy cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, pumpkin, on a sweet & creamy base.

72. Pumpkin Spice Latte- Sweet pumpkin pie blended with expresso, topped with whipped cream, cinnamon & brown sugar.

73. Rock candy- explosive blend of the sweet jammin' berry trio of juicy ripe cherries, strawberries, and raspberries harmonized with hints of tangy citrus brought together by icy peppermint and sugary hard rock candy

74. Salt water taffy- this scent brings back memories of sweet, melt-in-your-mouth taffy

75.   Sinus Soother - reminiscent of vicks: eucalyptus, camphor, & mint.

76. Strawberry Bread- fresh strawberries, blended with a tiny hit of spice with rich and cream vanilla. A heaping helping of bakery goodness.

77. Strawberry Cheesecake - Mouth watering cheesecake with a layer of fresh strawberries on top.

78. Sugar Cookies- freshly baked sugar cookies, buttercream frosting, & vanilla extract.

79. Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar- Sweet potatoes, creamy milk, squash puree, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, melted butter, rum, maple sugar & brown sugar drizzled with honey.

80. Sweet Potato Pie- Candied yams, marshmallow cream, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange zests, lemon, & warm buttery crust. 

81. The Beauty of Nature-Fir & spruce trees frosted with winter berries & crisp green apples.

82. The Perfect Man- begins with fresh, daring notes of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon; followed by middle notes of peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine notes, and a hint of peppermint; sitting on expensive base notes of natural patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, and frankincense.

83. Toffee Apple Crunch- Granny smith apple, creamy & buttery caramel dipped in toffee chips.

84. Vanilla buttercream crunch- Sweet vanilla enhanced with melted butter and shredded coconut.

85. Vanilla Butter Fudge- Rich & buttery creamy vanilla

86. Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone- Classic cookie wafer with sweet creamy butter cream swirled with vanilla sugar

87. Warm & Cozy Flannel- Warm and fresh bergamot, mahogany, and a hint of musk

88. Watermelon lemonade- A wonderful blend of fresh watermelon and sweet sugary lemonade

89. Warm & Toasty- Sitting by the fire, warm & toasty tranquil & earthy blend of coconut wood, clove leaf, Malayan coconut, black vanilla bean, birch, & cedarwood.

90. When Gummi Bears Attack- Mango, lime, nectarine, orange, grapefruit, peach, ginger flowers, vanilla, pink pepper, & clove leaves.

91. Yummy gummy- A childhood favorite, the essence of chewy gummy candy bursting with fruity goodness